Improving the lives of the formerly incarcerated through lending, financial education, and community support.


We believe access to financial resources and community services will remove barriers for the formerly incarcerated. Investing in their full potential and economic independence will aid their families and neighborhoods, reduce recidivism, and create safer and more productive communities for everyone.

Many people return from prison with onerous court-imposed financial obligations – fees, costs, fines, and restitution obligations. They cannot obtain a driver’s license or access government benefits until these debts are paid. A felony conviction also presents a significant barrier to obtaining gainful employment. These financial barriers make it extremely difficult for people to successfully reenter communities upon release from periods of incarceration.


To help our neighbors who are faced with this predicament, we have established The Fountain Fund, a loan program exclusively for formerly incarcerated citizens. The Fund makes low-interest loans to individuals who would not qualify for traditional lines of credit, but have viable job prospects or entrepreneurial ventures. Loan funds may be used to repay fees, costs, restitution and other court-imposed obligations, purchase job-related clothing and equipment, or provide start-up funding for small businesses. We also provide financial literacy training to our recipients, and help connect them to a broader array of services that exist in our community.


The goal of The Fountain Fund is to empower formerly incarcerated people by investing in their independent financial success. Doing so supports formerly incarcerated individuals, plus their families and communities as well.