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At the Fountain Fund, we believe in the transformative power of opportunities that are defined by dignity, shared responsibility and genuine partnership. 

We believe that our Client Partners deserve the chance to rebuild their lives and our diverse staff shows that they respect and believe in them through interactions that are positive, non-judgmental and supportive of their goals. 

We are responsive advocates who listen to our Client Partners, encourage them and build confidence, create opportunities, and remove barriers to success. 

We cultivate partnerships with community organizations to provide additional resources and opportunities for our Client Partners, while also establishing our Client Partners within the organization as co-creators who provide guidance and share decision-making and responsibility.  


Jefferson School City Center, home of the Fountain Fund

Our Client Partner Voices Matter

We're grateful to board member Lorenzo Collins and his team at NSight Media Group for helping us elevate our community and Client Partners' voices.

Client Partner Voices
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