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Central Virginia


Core services offered by the Fountain Fund are designed to increase economic opportunities for formerly incarcerated people to improve their lives and remain in their communities. Our Client Partners’ success is at the heart of everything we do.

Loan Program

Loan Program

The Fountain Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit lender that provides microloans to formerly incarcerated individuals who would not qualify for traditional lines of credit, but have viable job prospects or entrepreneurial ventures. Loan funds can be used to pay court-imposed debt, job-related expenses, transportation, securing rental housing, child support or to start a business.

To be considered for a loan, applicants must show:

  • A record of past incarceration; 

  • Current or future gainful employment; and

  • A potential elevation in their personal circumstances as a result of the loan.

The Fountain Fund does not discriminate based on type of conviction or length of incarceration. We typically offer our loans for a 3-year term at a low 5.0% interest rate. We have an incentive that provides a 3.0% interest rate for Automatic Clearing House (ACH) participation, which automatically withdraws funds from a checking account.

Man signs loan papers in Fountain Fund office

Financial Education

Along with providing loans, the Fountain Fund is committed to offering information and resources related to finances and credit building. This required financial literacy training includes group workshops as well as one-on-one financial coaching for our Client Partners to give them the information, understanding and skills to build credit.

To provide this financial education and coaching program, the Fund has partnered with Operation Hope, which was brought to the area by New Hill Development Corporation. Operation Hope is a national organization that has successfully assisted more than 1.8 million adults with “financial dignity programing and coaching to equip them with financial knowledge and tools to create a secure future.” They have recently opened an office here in Charlottesville. 

Financial Education

Community Support

Client Partners benefit greatly from our relationships with numerous local organizations and reentry services. We identify and facilitate connections to community resources in every city where we are located and are dedicated to building bridges that will ensure Client Partner success.

Community Support
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